Attention Difference Disorder

Attention Difference Disorder® is a book written by Dr. Kenny Handelman. More importantly, it represents a concept in understanding ADD and ADHD.

Although the medical diagnosis is: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, there are many people who don’t always have deficits in their ability to pay attention. They do however have differences. Even people with severe ADD can focus on things they love, or things which are very stimulating (like video games). By understanding this difference, we understand the symptoms of ADD more deeply.

At the core of the concept is looking at ADD/ADHD from a strength based perspective. In other words, rather than considering ADD/ADHD a disorder which is completely negative, when one uses the right treatment options, one can actually find the hidden benefits or gifts within ADD/ADHD.

Dr. Kenny introduces the 7 step system to help with ADD/ADHD in children and teens. These 7 steps are:

  1. Education about ADD
  2. Ensure a Proper Assessment and Diagnosis of ADD
  3. Parenting Strategies for ADD
  4. School and Academic Strategies for ADD
  5. Medication Treatment for ADD
  6. Alternative Treatment for ADD
  7. Treatment Integration

By following these simple steps, parents of kids and teens can improve their child or teen’s symptoms, and help them to achieve success.

Dr. Kenny Handelman

Kenny Handelman, MD: ADHD Expert, Author, Speaker

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist who is an expert in ADD/ADHD.

He is board certified in the USA and Canada, and is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Handelman teaches other doctors, residents and medical students, as well as parents, educators and kids/teens about ADD/ADHD. He speaks internationally on the subject and is often interviewed about it on television and radio.

He conducts clinical research in ADD/ADHD, and writes the widely-read ADD ADHD Blog, getting over 700,000 visitors per year.

Dr. Handelman’s strength- based approach to ADD/ADHD has been well received by parents of kids and teens, as it provides a practical approach, which includes specifics on how to achieve success.

Dr. Handelman is available for media interviews (please visit our media page), and for speaking engagements. Please use the contact form to get in touch with him.

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