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This site has many different products in it, and as you join different products, you can get access here. Just make sure to login and you can find the links here.

1) Attention Difference Disorder Insiders:

  • To find the different posts for this membership, just login and click on the different sections. You can start at the dashboard, or the general listings page.
  • If you want to join the insiders (and get access to professional ADD coaching, and get your questions answered by Dr. Kenny), click here

2) Book Bonus:

  • To access the book bonus audio, called: “Make A Difference In 7 Steps”, please click here
  • To join this level, you need to purchase a copy of Attention Difference Disorder, and follow the link for the bonus on page 227

3) Video Training: Attention Difference Disorder:

  • To access this video training, click here
  • People who took part in the book launch got access to this bonus video. To get access, watch your email for updates on when we will make this available again