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Adult Coaching: Improving Social Skills | Attention Difference Disorder Members Area

Adult Coaching: Improving Social Skills

For many people with ADD/ADHD, making and keeping friends can be a challenge. There are the ‘core’ ADHD symptoms which impact friendships – like being inattentive, distracted, impulsive and restless… And then as you are an adult, ADHD can impact your day to day functioning and stress level which makes it harder to make and keep friends.

However, by understanding your ADD/ADHD better, and learning specific strategies, you can improve your social life a lot.

This month, Lynne Edris, our ADHD Coach, is going to help you with specific tools, tips and strategies to help you to understand how ADD/ADHD impacts your social life, and she’ll give you specific skills and strategies to help you to improve it!

This call will be very helpful to you. Please join us live, or listen in to the recording.

The live call is on Monday September 24th, at 9:15 pm eastern time (New York time). You can review the time in your time zone here (Time and

You can access the call below:

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