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Adult Coaching: Managing Money with Adult ADD | Attention Difference Disorder Members Area

Adult Coaching: Managing Money with Adult ADD

Research shows that Adults with ADD/ADHD can have problems with managing money. The symptoms of impulsivity can lead to impulsive spending, and the inattention can lead to poor management of money – i.e. being late on payments, late filing taxes, and trouble following through on a budget.

Despite the fact that ADHD can have an impact on your management of money, treatment for ADHD, and developing the right skills can make a big difference.

On this call, Lynne Edris will help adults with ADD to understand how ADD/ADHD is impacting your relationship with money, and she’ll teach you some strategies to improve your ‘money management skills’.


This call will be very helpful to you. Please join us live, or listen in to the recording.

The live call is on Tuesday February 20, 2012 at 9:15 pm eastern time (New York time). You can review the time in your time zone here (Time and

You can access the call below:

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2 Responses to “Adult Coaching: Managing Money with Adult ADD”

  1. Dr Kenny, you bring up a good point at end of talk/discussion about the credit limit being lost if paid down. When we refinanced our house, we had to significantly (by 2/3rd)reduce our Home Equity line-of-credit even not adding to mortgage or haing used credit to even near the limit. Every institution is different and I would not want to bet against the banks limiting your credit ability in line with policy of not giving loans that is so prevalent. Bottom line in regards of paying credit cards vs saving money, we also learned the penalty of not having saved in our earlier income generating years vs my wifes’ retirement account being a lot less that it could have been if we started from the beginning. So I would now say, “it’s better to always save something each pay period” as well as get handle on credit balances.

    • Excellent point, David. Thank you for sharing.

      Sorry that the webcast seems to have cut off Lynne’s last statement. I think we may have lost about the last 10 seconds. It was just a summary statement and some encouragement.
      Thank you all for your participation!
      Dr. Kenny