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Schedule for Core ADD Coaching: Child/Teen

This post is intended to help you by summarizing the schedule of your upcoming sessions. Please note that each session will run approximately 1 hour. The ‘core coaching’ is comprised of 6 coaching sessions recorded for you. Each week, you will get access to one more coaching session. We have the sessions set up this […]

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Core ADD Coaching: Child and Teen

As one of the membership benefits for Attention Difference Disorder Insiders, we have hired an ADD/ADHD Coach to help you to develop skills and strategies to improve your ADD/ADHD. When one begins with ADD/ADHD treatment – it can be overwhelming. Usually the doctor (or therapist) starts with the ‘regular’ treatments – things like: medication, school […]

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Core ADD Coaching: Child/Teen #1

Welcome to the first session of Core ADD Coaching for Parents of kids and teens. This is the page for session #1. Session 1: What is coaching? This session will cover: An overview of Coaching in general, covering ADHD coaching specifically How they are different from  each otherÉ How is coaching different to other therapies […]

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