Frequently Asked Questions:


What do you mean by 'Attention Difference Disorder'? Isn't it supposed to be Attention Deficit Disorder?

The official term for ADD/ADHD is: AD/HD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. From my perspective, there are often not deficits with attention, rather there are differences. I take a strength based approach to ADD/ADHD, and I like to turn the deficits into differences, and then turn the differences into strengths. When I use the term 'Attention Difference Disorder', I am not aiming to officially change the name of AD/HD, rather, I want to help you to change how you think about ADD and ADHD.

What is the Attention Difference Disorder Community?

This is a growing site of community for people who want to get tools and solutions for ADD/ADHD, from a strength based perspective. As our community grows, we can help one another to find solutions that work - to transform people's lives.

Is this site free, or does it cost to be a member?

The Attention Difference Disorder community is a free community - and anyone can join by registering for the site. There are some premium products and solutions which are for paid members, and you are welcome to join those if you believe they will help you.

What are the points which show up on the site?

Our software grants points for different actions that you do on the site - such as participate in the forum. The more you participate, the more points you get. This will help us to acknowledge our most helpful community members, and we may provide special bonuses in the future for people who reach certain levels of points.