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Free Teleseminar | Attention Difference Disorder Members Area

Free Teleseminar

Please join us for a free Question and Answer Teleseminar with Dr. Kenny Handelman on Tuesday January 25th, 2011 at 9 pm Eastern time. You will be emailed the details.

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2 Responses to “Free Teleseminar”

  1. I listened to the Teleseminar, and I loved it. Dr. Handelman really understand the many levels and issues that come along with add/adhd. I hope I can figure out how to down load it – to make my husband and children listen to it. Maybe they will then understand the unmedicated Wife/Mother again. Having a medication work, then trial and errors and other complications, made my current status even worse than ever.(once you realize some of the good) its not easy to get things just right as far as treatment of a difficult case, with comorbid conditions.

  2. i thought it was a great! I know there are lots of medications out there, however, after listening i didn’ realize there are soooo many! Also how many you may have to have and at different times of the day. That information was quite daunting & overwhelming to hear. I suppose once diagnosed that road will be something i may have to go down.
    I am looking forward to more teleseminars for more info.
    I am pretty excited…i just got a call the other day for an appointment in London for an assessment on Monday, Feb. 7/11! I didn’t think i would get one finally, if at all until later in the spring. I am reading up on info this weekend to be prepared for assessment.
    I look forward to getting help and support here for my continuing journey here to better management my life!