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As part of this package, you get access to many of Dr. Kenny’s products on ADHD. These will help you with child, teen and adult ADHD. They will also help you to take a strength based approach to ADD and ADHD which can make a dramatic difference over time.

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With this special package, you get:

1) Book: Attention Difference Disorder

A physical copy of Dr. Kenny’s Book: Attention Difference Disorder mailed to you (watch your mailbox in the coming days)

2) Digital Product: Secrets to ADHD Success:

Dr. Kenny interviews expert Dr. Russell Barkley about all of the information you need to know about child and teen ADHD. Click here to access Secrets to ADHD Success

3) Digital Product: Secrets to Adult ADHD Success:

Dr. Kenny interviews expert Dr. Russell Barkley about all of the information you need to know about Adult ADHD. Click here to access Secrets to Adult ADHD Success.

4) Digital Product: Attention Difference Disorder Audio Program:

Dr. Kenny covers the elements of his Attention Difference Disorder system. This will give you a strength based approach to ADHD. This program is more focused on Child/Teen ADHD, though adults can benefit as well. Click here to access: Attention Difference Disorder Audio Program

5) Digital Product: Seminar Recordings:

Dr. Kenny presents at many live events. He has recorded many of these for you – so that you can listen in at your leisure. Click here to access the ADHD Seminar Recordings.

6) Video Presentation: “Attention Difference Disorder”

You get digital access to watch a 94 minute presentation about Attention Difference Disorder. This was a community presentation, where I explained the whole ‘Attention Difference Disorder’ system. You’ll be able to watch it on your computer, or even download a copy to watch on your ipod/ipad or other tablet.

On this video, you’ll watch and hear all about the 7 step system to help kids and teens to do well with ADD/ADHD.

To access this video, click here (opens in a new window).


7) Adult ADHD Coaching Session:
“Technology Tools For ADD: Both High and Low Tech Tools for Help At Home and Work”

You’ll get digital access to an Adult ADHD Coaching session from our ‘Insiders’ Membership site. In this 66 minute training session, expert coach Lynne Edris (from shares technology tools to help you to be more effective in day to day life. These tools will help you to:

  • Sleep better
  • Wake up better
  • Find things that you lose (keys, cell phone)
  • Handle papers
  • and much more…

Handout (PDF)Right click and save

Transcript (PDF): Right click and save as



8) ADHD Coaching for Parents of Kids and Teens:
“Electronic ADDiction: Take Control of Your ADHD Child/Teen’s Overuse of Electronics”

You’ll get digital access to a coaching session for Parents of kids and teens with ADD/ADHD from our ‘Insiders’ membership site. In this 65 minute training session, expert coach Diane O’Reilly (from helps parents to understand when too much technology use is a problem, and how to handle. Our kids need to use technology (for learning and connecting with their friends), and then they also get stuck on their devices, and get angry when we ask them to shut it off.

As a parent, you’ll learn when it’s time to set stronger limits, and how to do that effectively.

With this training, you’ll get: a) mp3 recording of the call, b) PDF handout (to follow along while you listen), and c) a PDF transcript of the call to read later on your e-reader (or computer).

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Sometimes people contact us and let us know that there is a lot of information, and it can seem overwhelming.

Which brings up the question: “How do you eat an elephant?”

Of course, the answer is: “One bite at a time”.

We recommend that you choose one of the products to start with. Listen to it, take some notes, and decide on how this information can be helpful to you or your loved one. Then, move onto the next product. With the seminar recordings, there are different recordings which cover some similar material. Although you may find this repetitious – the reality is – this is done on purpose. Firstly, Dr. Kenny often shares different anecdotes, stories and clinical examples, and one of those may help you a lot. Secondly – how do you really learn something, so that you truly get it? By repitition of course! So, listen to these different recordings, and realize that the more you listen, the more you understand on a deeper level the information you need to succeed.

Thank you for your purchase!


Dr. Kenny