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Insider’s Message March 28 | Attention Difference Disorder Members Area

Insider’s Message March 28


Just a quick update to let you know that we have
rescheduled the Q and A Call with me for this Thursday
night at 9 pm Eastern time.
(thanks for your understanding last week – I was feeling terrible!).

Please note – I will aim to answer child and teen ADD questions
in the first half hour, and then adult ADHD questions in the 2nd
half hour.

You can submit your questions early by entering them on the page.
(and we have kept questions that were submitted last week).

You can connect to the call here:

And tomorrow night (Wednesday), we have the 3rd coaching call
for our child and teen, as well as adult tracks.

You can find the posts for those calls under our ‘live training’
section here:

****If you’ve had any trouble connecting to the live calls****

Last week – we had some people who had trouble connecting to the
live calls – so we recorded a short video to show you how to
use the system.

You can watch it here:

I look forward to talking with you this week!

Thanks for being an Insider :-)

Dr. Kenny

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3 Responses to “Insider’s Message March 28”

  1. i am new to this and also new to vyanse 30 mg, i am a 42 year old female, going through different side affects, and would like to no of any other adults taking this and there feeelings on it.

    • hi Grace,
      You may have a more successful discussion in the forum – please try posting your question there.
      You can watch a quickstart video on how to use the forum here:

    • Grace, I am 52 and just starting to take Vyvanse. I only started medication about 6 weeks ago, and it can be hard to find the right one in the right dose. I had been trying Adderall, but it makes me edgy and according to my doctor, Vyvanse has less side effects; and also the time-release can be easier to handle. But everyone is different. I haven’t been able to get on the Forum, but I would imagine there are more people there with longer term experience with medications.