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Child/Teen Coaching: ADHD & Bullying: Understanding, Strategies and Solutions

Many children and teens with ADD/ADHD are the victims of bullies. Schools try, but may be ineffective to help kids to handle these situations. As a parent, you may struggle to understand what’s going on with your child when bullying is an issue. You may not know what to do… Join us this month for […]

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Adult Coaching: ADHD & Bullying: Solutions for the workplace and beyond

Even after the ‘school yard’ is long gone, many adults with ADD/ADHD struggle with being bullied, alienated or feeling on the outside. There are challenges that come up during the work-day which can be very difficult to manage. In this month’s coaching session, Lynne Edris, our expert coach from CoachingADDvantages.com is going to help you […]

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