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Special Bonus For Members: Money Ebooks

As a special bonus for members of the Attention Difference Disorder Insiders, you’ll get access to 5 ebooks which will help you with all aspects of managing money, budgeting, saving and debt. The reality is that most people in our modern times need help with managing money, and this is even more true for families […]

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Adult Coaching: Managing Money with Adult ADD

Research shows that Adults with ADD/ADHD can have problems with managing money. The symptoms of impulsivity can lead to impulsive spending, and the inattention can lead to poor management of money – i.e. being late on payments, late filing taxes, and trouble following through on a budget. Despite the fact that ADHD can have an […]

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Child/Teen Coaching: ADHD Kids and Money

Research has shown that adults with ADD/ADHD often have trouble with their money – more so than their non-ADHD counterparts. Our goal with this coaching call is to help you as a parent to help your ADD/ADHD child to develop a great (and responsible) relationship with money while they are young. In this month’s coaching […]

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