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Welcome | Attention Difference Disorder Members Area


Welcome to the  Attention Difference Disorder site. This is a new site which is building a community to help people with a strength based approach to ADD and ADHD.

As we are launching the site – please have patience with us – there are many things which will be fixed and ‘tuned up’ in the coming days and weeks.

Please join the forum – and start discussions and interaction. We are aiming for a lot of interactivity and high quality support for our members.

Thanks for joining us!

To join our free community site, just click on the link on the top of this page that says: ‘Join Now’.

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6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. I am happy and excited to be a member of this site! Looking forward to be able to move ahead and gain more control over my life with your help here Dr. Kenny & with other members input as well:)

  2. Hi, I’m excited to join members, learn and share.
    Looking forward to focus on strengths and continue the journey as part of this community. Thanks to Dr Hendelman’s team for this great idea.

  3. I am looking forward to being a member of this site. Also, I hope to break out of my shell and experience community. Thanks Dr. Kenny for this opportunity. Plus, I have a teenager who may or may not be ADHD too. So, I will need some support, if she turns out to have it. She will turn 16 Sat. and start driving next Mon. I’m scared to death.:(

  4. I too am hopeful for great things from this site. I am looking for answers to help my adult daughter who has ADD and also severe bipolar disorder.

  5. I am hoping to gain insight to being a spouse of someone diagnosed as an adult with ADHD.

  6. I’m excited to be a member. It will be great to have the assistance I need to be all I can be at home and at work.